Supplements to single articles

Additions to the following articles published in the Journal of Ornithology are as follows (in German language unless otherwise stated):


J. Ornithol. 145 (2004): 300-320
Charles Darwin's bird collection and ornithological knowledge during the voyage of H.M.S. Beagle, 1831-1836 (English text)
Frank D. Steinheimer

J. Ornithol. 144 (2003): 385-410
Die Veränderung der Brutvogelfauna in zwei süddeutschen Dorfgemeindebereichen (Möggingen und Billafingen) in den letzten fünf bzw. drei Jahrzehnten oder: verlorene Paradiese?
Peter Berthold

J. Ornithol. 143 (2002): 440-455
Certhia tianquanensis Li, a treecreeper with relict distribution in Sichuan, China
Jochen Martens, Siegfried Eck and Yue-Hua Sun
Chinese summary

J. Ornithol. 143 (2002): 171-204
Biogeography and composition of dry forest bird communities in Bolivia
Sebastian K. Herzog and Michael Kessler
Appendix 1  Appendix 2  Appendix 3  Appendix 4