SIG Birds of the Agricultural Countryside

A new SIG, Birds of the Agricultural Countryside, was founded during the DO-G AGM in Bremen on 5th  October 2008. The birds of the agricultural countryside are today the most endangered group of birds, and the prognosis is that their habitat will deteriorate as a result of the increasing intensification of land use, as well as the rising demand for renewable sources of raw materials. Following the ending of the set-aside obligations, half of all fallow land in Germany was again in use by 2007.  Joint efforts to implement conservation measures are urgently required.

At the constitutive meeting, attended by 40 participants, the themes for study were discussed and objectives were set. The following principal aspects were decided on as the basis of the SIG's work:

  • Forum for transfer of information and networking
  • Compilation of a summary of successful conservation projects (national and international),
  • Studies of breeding success, dietary situation (insects) during the breeding season and in the winter half year are urgently required,
  • Analysis of agricultural environment conservation measures; what is their level of acceptance and effectiveness?

At present a very acute problem is the ending of the set-aside obligations - with very negative consequences for many bird species. This problem was thematised at the first SIG meeting in February 2009 and the various indicators for monitoring of the population development of birds of the open countryside were presented and discussed.

The minutes of the founding meeting in Bremen and the following SIG meetings are available on the German pages (in German).

Contact / SIG Spokespersons:

Petra Bernardy
Projektbüro dziewiaty & bernardy
Windschlag 5
D-29456 Hitzacker

Dr. Krista Dziewiaty
Projektbüro dziewiaty & bernardy
Löcknitzstr. 12
D-19309 Seedorf


Twice a year: In spring at different locations and a get-together in autumn in the framework of the DO-G AGM.
The German pages provide up to date information on planned meetings and events.

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