Ringing (Banding)


Basic information

The answers to most fundamental questions on all ringing matters can be found on the websites of either ProRing e.V. or the Ornithological Stations.



Coordination of ringing throughout Europe is the responsibility of Euring.

In Austria, Germany and Switzerland the responsibility for ringing matters rests with the ringing centres of the ornithological stations.


Have you recovered or found a ring?

The ringing centres welcome as many ring recovery reports as possible. ProRing e.V. for example offers a simple way to report a ring recovery. In addition the websites of the Ornithological Stations provide information on how to report a ring recovery.


Have you read the details of a colour ring in the field …

... and would like information on the bird’s origin?  Then click here and contact the responsible coordinator.

Nonetheless you should still inform the responsible ringing centre.