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The German Ornithologists‘ Society (Deutsche Ornithologen-Gesellschaft - DO-G) is dedicated to the promotion of all forms of ornithology. Founded in 1850, and now one of the oldest scientific organisations worldwide, we represent continuity and permanence.

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Proceedings DO-G Annual Convention Augsburg 2023

The conference proceedings of the DO-G Annual Convention in Augsburg 20-24 Sept. 2023 are available for download here:

Download Proceedings AC Augsburg 2023 (in German language only)

155th Annual Convention im Wilhelmshaven, Sept. 21 to 25, 2022

Venue: "Gorch-Fock-Haus" in Wilhelmshaven, Germany

Download: Conference Proceedings (in German only)

Vogelwarte issue 3 (2021): Special issue "Bee-eater"

Photograph by M. Woike

With this special issue "Bee-eater", the correpondent special interest group presents both a documentation of its activities and, among other aspects, for the first time an overview of the recent population trends from very different parts of the German-speaking world and Europe, reports on genetics and phylogeography, migration routes and migration strategies and an overview of the Bee-eater species spread from Africa to southern and central Europe to Southeast Asia, New Guinea and Australia.

In addition, three supplements (online only) are available for download (e.g. "Bee-eaters of the world").

> Vogelwarte 59/3 - special issue "Bee-eater", with supplements


In addition, it is worth taking a look at the current, ninth annual report (2021) of the special interest group "Bee-Eater":

Download (in German): SIG Bee-eater - 9th Annual report 2021

Call for donations – Special programme Ukraine

The DO-G has set up a special programme to support ornithologists from Ukraine who are directly affected by the war in Ukraine as well as ornithologists from Belarus and Russia at risk. This special programme builds on our contact point for those seeking help and those offering help we set up in March.

We need your help for this special programme! Please note the following call for donations:

> Download Call for donations

Please donate to the account:

Deutsche Ornithologen-Gesellschaft e.V., IBAN: DE53 2907 0050 0101 0230 00
Deutsche Bank AG Bremen, Germany, BIC/SWIFT: DEUTDEHBXXX
stating the purpose of the donation as „Donation special programme Ukraine“.

Thank you very much!

The contact point for help, information and support in view of the war against Ukraine can be reached by e-mail.

Further information on the contact point can be found here.

Contact point for help, support and information - in view of the war against Ukraine

A call by DO-G President Dr. Wolfgang Fiedler (excerpt):

Dear members of the DO-G, dear ornithologists,

In the last few days we have received cries for help from Ukrainian birders seeking support and safety for their families abroad. We have also received desperate and very courageous statements from Russian and Belarusian colleagues who reject the invasion of Ukraine and protest against it. At the same time, suggestions and offers came from people who would like to help.

In order to bring together those seeking help and those offering help, collect and exchange information, our executive board has set up a contact point which you can reach at this e-mail address.

We can bring those seeking help and those offering help together on a personal level and we can ensure that important information reaches where it is needed. Based on these first steps, we may be able to plan and implement further means of supporting ornithologists from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

Please support us in this!

With thanks and kind regards,

Dr. Wolfgang Fiedler

You can find the complete letter of our president to our members and all ornithologists as PDF download here (in German and English versions):

> President's letter - DO-G contact point

Please feel free to forward this information.

Publish Open Access at no charge in the Journal of Ornithology

As a corresponding author affiliated with a German university or research institution, you are entitled to publish open access in SpringerNature journals with fees covered by the German DEAL agreement.
More than 900 German institutions are eligible to participate in the agreement between Springer Nature and Projekt DEAL, meaning that corresponding authors affiliated with these institutions are eligible to publish their articles open access without being invoiced by Springer Nature. The agreement includes our Journal of Ornithology.

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